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  • Each restaurant has their own delivery system in place. Some do deliveries with their own staff, in which case 100% of the money goes to the venue.  Most venues are still working with some logistics partners.  If you happen to click on a restaurant and it takes you to a delivery platform that is run by one of the major players in the market, it is the restaurant themselves who have made the decision that this works best for them and does not reflect the views or mission of The Dine In Movement team.

  • The Dine In Movement (DIM)was born as a way for like-minded restaurants to amplify their voice by coming together to support each other and their staff during this time. In addition to their own marketing, our aim is to become the marketing voice for the venues on The Dine In Movement site.

  • Each of the Partner Restaurants plays their part in the marketing efforts.  The Dine In Movement team provides all listed venues with basic marketing guidelines and suggestions to get the message out to their database to connect to like-minded customers.  The goal is to share our resources and our audience in order to drive people to the site more often and thus drive more business to help save restaurants and jobs.

  • Partner Restaurants are chosen by The Dine In Movement team based on whether venues share a like-minded audience that may be interested in supporting each other and the F&B industry, and also by availability of space on the site.

  • We have a limited number of spaces in order to make sure we make it easy for our guests to find what they're looking for. We are not exclusive, but rather a collective of venues who have agreed to work together to support each other.  

  • We regret, in order to keep things curated and in the mission of The Dine In Movement, we are unable to invite every restaurant in Singapore to join. We need to ensure we are not getting lost in the noise and making it easy for customers to browse through the site and the listings with ease. We are doing what we can, to help where we can and we encourage others to do the same. In the spirit of a democratic approach, please reach out to us directly if you plan to set up your own collective or have questions about our experience.  It is not easy and no small task, but we have found it very fulfilling.

  • Both The Dine In Movement and The Dandy Collection make ZERO profit from the operation of this site.  

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